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About Us
Gothic Designs maintaining an envaiable reputation as a manufacturer of builder's hardware & engineering products offering technology solution key customer in key market around the world. Gothic Designs strenght is it's ability to work closely with key customer to analyze their specific needs and then respond creatively to them,drawing on it's mastery of a range of critical in house manufacturing & finishing technology.
Gothic Designs believes in a shared vision of partnership whereby the customers and the company will use their combined knowledge, skill and people to develop a complete result - a total package-best solution and the best cost.
Developing trusting and enabling our people. Rarely is a company founded on the principal of quality-creating the best there is available-to give the customer the best there is available. The journey of innovation commences with a customer's dream of what their product should offer the market.Innovation is about presenting a unique solution with unique advantages to the customer.It means differentation.It means distinctions.
Doing what we say. In the race of quality has no finish line it is most potent it needs on review systems.Quality is not an off the-shelf after thought. Quality blends the dedicated skill of the craftsmanship with the inherent desire to create the best there is no compromise in materials execution presentation is ever considered.It gives customer's value.It is unquestionably right. Quality is economic----no valid counterclaim exists Gothic Designs was founded on a powerful quality ethic,and is recognised as a pioneer for quality.Our staff lives the quality dreams.
Working Smarter And Making It Fun. Modesty, intregity and fairness. Recognizing and celebrating achievements. Daring to be different. The collective knowledge,experience,intellect,energy and enthusiasm of a team will always outperform the individual. Team work is integral to the success of Gothic Designs it encourages all employees to participate in the drive for continuous improvement through participation in the drive for continuous improvement through participation in work teams aimed at solving problems and improving processes.Team work deliever quality.Innovation on time-a-valuable.Competitive advantage for Gothic Designs customers in the battle for market share.
“To provide products and services that fulfill the customers' need for optimum utilization of resources and provide them best value for the money spent.”